The critical program factors for increasing the human capital of a company are:

The first step of the employee bonding program is to ask (or add to your current satisfaction survey) 20 standard questions that measure employee engagement and link powerfully to relevant business outcomes such as:

These 20 questions dealing in 10 different areas measure dimensions that leaders, managers and employees of each organization can influence directly:

  1. Work conditions
  2. Use of personal talent
  3. Relationships with work colleagues
  4. Work environment
  5. Internal communication
  6. Identification with the company
  7. Relationship to the direct supervisor
  8. Personal development opportunities
  9. Link between personal and company values
  10. Compensation

We have proven on several occasions that these 10 dimensions cover nearly 90% of the variance in emotional attachment and motivation and that there is no differentiation between gender, age, region or industry. However, there are significant differences between working groups (teams) with regards to employee attachment.

m1nd-set´s employee bonding program reveals that typically a significant part of employees are not engaged in, or are actively disengaged from their work. As a result, companies are struggling to develop motivated workforces.

m1nd-set maintains a comprehensive database linking employee engagement to relevant business outcomes like retention, productivity, and profitability, as well as customer engagement. We also gather information on key work force demographics, including length of service, function, level, status, gender, age, …

What can organizations do to build workplaces that foster higher levels of employee engagement? m1nd-set´s employee bonding program offers integrated solutions including research-based measurement, coursework, and strategic advisory services that improve workgroup and organizational performance.