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September 2017: m1nd-set report on diverging destinations for Chinese travellers

September 2017: TRBusiness launches consumer-voted Travel Retail Awards with m1nd-set

August 2017: m1nd-set report on barriers to duty free shopping

August 2017: m1nd-set on mobile technology for airports

August 2017: m1nd-set insights prompt travel retail confectionery exclusives

August 2017: Q2 DFWC KPI Monitor by m1nd-set

July 2017: m1nd-set MoodieDavitt tender partnership

July 2017: Eyewear Focus

July 2017: Latin America Analysis

July 2017: High spirits about the liquor category

July 2017: China traveler trends

July 2017: m1nd-set contributes to major feature in MoodieDavitt Report on Beijing Capital

July 2017: m1nd-set supports wheelchair sports

June 2017: m1nd-set: a reference for sweet success

June 2017: Confectionery Special Issue

June 2017: m1nd-set Brexit analysis

June 2017: m1nd-set and Millennials

June 2017: APTRA renews investment in m1nd-set insights

June 2017: Moodie Davitt & m1nd-set partner on the B1S

May 2017: NTRG publishes major study by m1nd-set

May 2017: m1nd-set at ASUTIL 2017

May 2017: m1nd-set at TFWA Asia Pacific

May 2017: m1nd-set on Chinese travellers

May 2017: m1nd-set at ACI Europe

May 2017: Latest DFWC KPI Monitor highlights value

May 2017: m1nd-set at TFWA China’s Century

May 2017: Indian insights

May 2017: m1nd-set and APTRA

April 2017: m1nd-set Sense of place study

April 2017: Future Travel Experience on inflight retail

April 2017: Category revamp for Ricola with m1nd-set insights

April 2017: m1nd-set retail technology study for TFWA

April 2017: m1nd-set’s Clara Perez on “Travel Retail Women Talk”

April 2017: m1nd-set at APTRA Airport Forum & Seminars

March 2017: ACI Africa Commercial Forum

March 2017: Zoning in on the Millenial mindset

March 2017: m1nd-set and TRT partner to launch ‘ASSERT’ initiative

March 2017: m1nd-set in China

February 2017: Exclusive TRBusiness interview on affordable luxury

February 2017: m1nd-set speaking at Orlando Show

February 2017: m1nd-set in China

February 2017: DFWC Global KPI Monitor

January 2017: Into the African m1nd-set

January 2017: China arrivals research highlights challenges

January 2017: Returning to Rio: m1nd-set at ASUTIL 2017

January 2017: Record growth for m1nd-set

January 2017: In-flight e-commerce

January 2017: Into the African m1nd-set

January 2017: Returning to Rio: m1nd-set at ASUTIL 2017

January 2017: China arrivals research highlights challenges

January 2017: Record growth for m1nd-set

December 2016: m1nd-set keynote interview with TRB

December 2016: «AirPromote and m1nd-set partner to launch retail display initiative»

December 2016: m1nd-set keynote interview with TRB

November 2016: «Hey young spender»

November 2016: «Vision 2020: Sunglasses suppliers plot growth plan»

November 2016: «Sunglasses suppliers outline commitment to grow category»

November 2016: DFWC Global Shopping Monitor survey

November 2016: Nordic Travel Retail Group and m1nd-set partner for research project

  • Frontier Magazine
  • DFNI Online
  • TR Business
  • The Moodie Davitt report
  • October 2016: m1nd-set on the Emirates

    October 2016: m1nd-set features in Cannes special issues

    October 2016: New York Times report on duty free industry

    September 2016: Big data

    September 2016: m1nd-set reveals millennial traveller trends

  • DFNI Online
  • The Moodie Davitt Report
  • Frontier Magazine
  • The Moodie Davitt e-Zine
  • August 2016: TR Business Magazine featuring Peter Mohn

    August 2016: Duty Free Magazine «m1nd-set discusses importance of India»

    July 2016: DFWC Monitor

  • The Moodie Davitt Report
  • TR Business
  • DFNI Online
  • Frontier Magazine
  • July 2016: Major new era beckons for Generation & partners

    July 2016: ASUTIL Review - m1nd-set’s Peter Mohn

    June 2016: «sweet success: m1nd-set confectionery report»

    June 2016: Peter Mohn featured in TR Business Magazine

    June 2016: 25th ACI EUROPE Airport Commercial & Retail Conference & Exhibition, Helsinki

    June 2016: m1nd-set at DFNI in Mumbai

    June 2016: M1nd-set’s “mementoes moments” at ASUTIL

    June 2016: m1nd-set on Millenials’ at the NTRG Seminar in Stockholm

    May 2016: m1nd-set tours Asia with APTRA insights seminars

    May 2016: «m1nd-set calls for digital development»

    May 2016: «A must-have service»

    April 2016: «Confectionery gifting prominent in Asia Pacific»

    April 2016: «DFWC global shopping monitor with m1nd-set»

    April 2016: «April Moodie Davitt report on the Mexican market»

    April 2016: «April Moodie Davitt report on the Argentinian market»

    April 2016: «Technology in North American travel retai»

    April 2016: «m1nd-set keynote at IAADFS»

    April 2016: «M1nd-set confectionery study»

    March 2016: «Top 10 border store insights for spirits»

    March 2016: «Peter Mohn to speak at ASUTIL»

    March 2016: «Advantage Chine»

    March 2016: m1nd-set shares in-flight DF expertise with TRBusiness

    March 2016: «APTRA identifies travel trends and key markets for research programme»

    February 2016: «Technology a "missed opportunity" in TR»

    January 2016: «DFWC/m1nd-set launch GTR Shopping Monitor»

    January 2016: m1nd-set's Mohn named key speaker at IAADFS 2016

    December 2015: TR Business Magazine «What is driving travelling consumer attitudes to liquor?»

    November 2015: TR Business Magazine

    November 2015: Gulf America Duty Free «Bright Horizons»

    November 2015: m1nd-set Generation roll out next phase of “Big Data” project

    October 2015: multiple stories on m1nd-set in October TRB

    October 2015: The Americas Duty Free Bordering on brilliance in Brazil

    October 2015: TR Business m1nd-set contribute to successful APTRA Insights seminar tour

    October 2015: DFNI Online «Buenos Aires Ezeiza tops m1nd-set customer survey»

    October 2015: TR Business «Fruitful week for m1nd-set Generation at TFWA World Exhibition»

    October 2015: Shine on m1ndset Generation at Cannes Sunglasses workshop

    September 2015: Duty Free Magazine «Fashioning a top three category»

    September 2015: Frontier Magazine «Lego joins forces with m1nd-set for toy category research»

    September 2015: TR Business «Lego / M1nd-set: brands, impulse drive toy buying»

    September 2015: The Moodie Report «The Lego Group invests in toy category research with m1nd-set»

    September 2015: DFNI Online «Lego commissions travel-retail consumer toy study»

    September 2015: TR Business «M1nd-set and Generation launch new entity»

    September 2015: DFNI Online «Generation Research and m1ndset combine forces in new travel-retail research firm»

    September 2015: The Moodie Report «m1nd-set and Generation forge key travel retail research alliance»

    September 2015: Frontier Magazine «m1nd-set Generation to ‘revolutionise' TR data landscape»

    September 2015: Duty Free Magazine «m1nd-set and Generation Research join forces»

    September 2015: The Spirits Business «m1nd-set and Generation team up for TR "Mega Data" provision»

    August 2015: m1nd-set to present at first TFWA research workshop

    August 2015: TR Business «The risk-averse Asia Pacific consumer»

    August 2015: TR Business «Chinese devaluations: little likely impact on duty free»

    July 2015: The Americas Duty Free «Brazilian border shoppers seek local and original products, says m1nd-set report»

    June 2015: The Moodie Report Lindt focusses on gifting in Asia following m1nd-set research

    June 2015: Duty Free Magazine June special issue

    June 2015: TR Business «A tall order at the ACI commercial event», «ASUTIL prepares to welcome 360 delegates to Panamá», m1nd-set confectionery research

    May 2015: TFWA Daily «Asia's rising stars»

    May 2015: m1nd-set presents insights at Asutil 2015
    TRBusiness, The Moodie Report, DFNI Online, Frontier Magatine, The Americas Duty Free, and Frontier Magazine's Twitter feed

    May 2015: Asia Duty Free & Travel Retailing «From travel retail to travel e-tail»

    May 2015: The Moodie Report m1nd-set shares insights at Nordic Travel Retail event

    May 2015: The Moodie Report «New study underlines role of social & digital media for Chinese travellers»

    May 2015: TR Business «M1nd-set calls for 'multi channel' DF approach»

    April 2015: DFNI Online «ACI Europe Airport Commercial & Retail Conference & Exhibition»

    April 2015: TR Business «ACI Europe's commercial event hits a 9-year high»

    April 2015: TR Business «China's century conference, Shanghai»

    April 2015: TR Business «Changing perceptions of US airport shopping»

    March 2015: Frontier Magazine «TFWA China's Century Conference Day 2: Chongqing opportunities and M1nd-set data»

    March 2015: Nordic Travel Retail Group «Keeping the Magic alive!»

    March 2015: TR Business «ASUTIL reveals 2015 conference highlights»

    March 2015: The Moodie Report «Spotlight on South American consumers»

    March 2015: TFWA China's Century Conference Delegate Magazine «New consumer duty free research from m1nd-set»

    March 2015: TR Business «m1nd-set's Peter Mohn at China's Century Conference»

    March 2015: The Moodie Report «m1nd-set CEO Peter Mohn at TFWA China conference»

    March 2015: The Moodie Report Headline highlights from 7 days in travel retail

    February 2015: The Moodie Report «Panama beckons as 2015 ASUTIL conference opens for registration»

    February 2015: TR Business «New research points to improving US duty free»

    February 2015: The Moodie Report Lindt shares m1nd-set research on premium confectionery

    February 2015: DFNI Online «m1nd-set among eminent speakers at annual DFNI conference in Cape Town»

    February 2015: Frontier Magazine «Mobile price comparison ‘not integral to airport retail'»

    February 2015: DFNI Online «Less than 10% of European travellers use internet to research duty-free»

    February 2015: TR Business «m1nd-set explodes myth on comparative pricing»

    February 2015: The Moodie Report «m1nd-set survey highlights online opportunities for travel retailers»

    February 2015: Frontier Magazine «ACI Europe event to address conversion of airport ‘browsers to spenders'»

    February 2015: The Moodie Report «ASUTIL confirms Panama's Westin Playa Bonita for 2015 conference»

    January 2015: DFNI Online «Transfer tracking»

    January 2015: TR Business «Swiss franc spike spells trouble for travel retail»

    January 2015: The Moodie Report «m1nd-set highlights growth in 2014 and makes key appointment»

    January 2015: Frontier Magazine «Record growth for m1nd-set in 2014»

    January 2015: Frontier Magazine «Record growth for m1nd-set in 2014»

    January 2015: TR Business «‘Unquenchable thirst' for consumer insights»

    January 2015: DFNI «m1nd-set secures 10 new travel-retail clients in 2014»

    December 2014: DFNI m1nd-set in strategic eyewear category collaboration

    December 2014: TR Business m1nd-set to present consumer research at 2nd ‘China's Century' conference in Shanghai

    December 2014: TFWA m1nd-set Airport Insight Series featured on

    December 2014: TFWA Daily «Market Watch: Latin America»

    December 2014: TR Business «M1nd-set on Middle East and Africa»

    November 2014: Frontier Magazine «Frontier at MAPIC: Making airport and station retail personal»

    November 2014: TR Business «Ebola Survey reveals 26% would reconsider travelling»

    November 2014: TR Business «Top spending nationalities in Middle East and Africa»

    November 2014: BW Confidential m1nd-set beauty research the focus of BW Confidential report

    November 2014: TFWA One-2-one with TFWA and Peter Mohn on exclusive airport insights research

    November 2014: The Moodie Report m1nd-set research analyst Clara Perez addresses Asutil border conference

    November 2014: DFNI Online «DFS Group the big winner at Sunglasses Awards 2014»

    November 2014: The Moodie Report «Mars aims to double confectionery category with the power of smiles»

    November 2014: TR Business «Mars ITR to spread smiles across TR»

    October 2014: TFWA Daily «Market Watch: Latin America»

    October 2014: TR Business «Regional Ebola survey now published»

    October 2014: TR Business «Ebola survey results now revealed»

    October 2014: eTurbo News «Ebola survey reveals 26 percent would reconsider traveling»

    October 2014: The Moodie Report «m1nd-set presents at 2014 Sunglasses Awards ceremony in Cannes»

    October 2014: TR Business «'Trinity approach' at Sunglasses awards»

    October 2014: Moodie Research «The importance of Wi-Fi provision at airports»

    August 2014: DFNI «Russion revolution»

    August 2014: TR Business «Asian sunglasses study: where's the choice?»

    July 2014: The Moodie Report «Inside the Nordic consumer mind»

    June 2014: DFNI «Travellers find too many brands on South American borders and ferries»

    June 2014: DFNI «Souvenir strength»

    May 2014: Travel Retailer International «Up close and personal: the Japanese travelling shopper»

    May 2014: The Moodie Report «The forces of airport food & beverage»

    May 2014: TR Business «Report: sunglasses' Achilles heel»

    May 2014: DFNI «Key Asia Pacific sunglasses shopping habits revealed»

    May 2014: The Moodie Report « Sunglasses suppliers team up to deliver shopper insights»

    May 2014: The Moodie Report «Nordic opportunity: m1nd-set CEO reveals insights at NTRG seminar»

    May 2014: Decision Makers Association Insights: «On your side»

    May 2014: The Moodie Report «Gender gap identified in exclusive F&B research from m1nd-set»

    May 2014: TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference Daily «Sunglasses in travel retail»

    April 2014: Frontier Magazine: «Global fashion: Appetites and opportunities»

    March 2014: APTRA and m1nd-set announce new consumer research programme: Read the press reports on : DFNI, Frontier Magazine, The Moodie Report, TR Business.

    March 2014: Frontier Magazine «M1nd-set announces new appointments and double digit 2013 growth»

    March 2014: The Moodie Report «Travel research firm m1nd-set names new appointments amid expansion»

    March 2014: TR Business «m1nd-set expands research team»

    March 2014: DFNI «Expansion for m1nd-set on the back of 2013 growth»

    January 2014: DFNI «Power of promotions»

    December 2013: DFNI «APTRA roadshow highlights detailed consumer insights»

    December 2013: The Moodie Report «Inaugural APTRA KPMG Retail Roadshow attracts healthy numbers»

    December 2013: Travel Retail Business «APTRA Roadshow hailed 'a success'»

    October 2013: DFNI «Airport retail is set for a revolution»

    July 2013: The Moodie Report «The Nordic travelling shopper in profile»

    May 2013: The Moodie Report «The Russian traveller in profile»

    June 2013: DFNI «Understanding Scandinavian travellers' behaviour»

    January 2013: DFNI «Middle East airport shopper segmentation»

    October 2012: The Moodie Report «Chinese consumers in the spotlight»

    October 2012: TFWA Daily Cannes 2012 «China, Russia & Brazil Market Watch»

    September 2012: The Moodie Report «Price, promotions and purchasing habits: The Indian traveller in profile»

    May 2012: TFWA Daily Asia-Pacific 2012 «Airline & inflight Asia»

    March 2012: DFNI «Successful customer engagement»

    September 2011: TFWA Daily Cannes 2011 «Emerging Asia»