ad-hoc research

On top of our ongoing program and “packaged” products m1nd-set offers a full range of ad-hoc services:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Segmentation
  • Choice-based conjoint surveys
  • Pricing
  • Attitudes, usage & positioning research
  • Product tests
  • Pre- and Post- advertising tests
  • Promotional effectiveness

Other product services are available upon request.

Using modern data collection techniques — whether quantitative or qualitative — m1nd-set collects information worldwide and is principally (but not exclusively) an expert in travel research.


Airs@t is m1nd-set and IATA´s leading benchmark of air passenger satisfaction worldwide. It is based on the experiences of a fully representative sample of 50,000 air passengers per year.

They are recruited at 27 airport departure gates located in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America. Each class of flight service is considered and the survey is conducted equally with 27 major airlines.

Airs@t benchmarks the entire travel experience (from purchase to pre-boarding, and in-flight satisfaction) for over 50 service and product items, as follows:

  • Reservations: 5 attributes, e.g. reduced customer waiting time before being attended to
  • Website: 4 attributes, e.g. simplicity of reserving
  • Check-In: 7 attributes, e.g. shorter queuing time
  • Lounge: 4 attributes, e.g. comfort
  • Boarding: 5 attributes, e.g. helpful and courteous gate staff
  • Cabin: 8 attributes, e.g. condition of interior
  • Seat: 7 attributes, e.g. adequate room
  • Cabin crew: 7 attributes, e.g. responsiveness, availability
  • In-Flight Entertainment: 11 attributes, e.g. selection of movies
  • Food & Beverage: 5 attributes, e.g. choice of meals
  • Arrival: 5 attributes, e.g. rapid luggage delivery
  • Socio demographics and air travel patterns: 8 attributes, e.g. gender, age and motive for travel
  • FFP: 4 attributes, e.g. overall rating of FFP
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global travel retail shopper segmentation

In collaboration with TFWA, APTRA and with the support of several industry sponsors, m1nd-set has been commissioned to segment airport shoppers globally and across categories.

The project has two major phases:

  • A global online survey of 4,300 recently traveled airline passengers measuring their consumer patterns (purchasing habits, on what occasion and which kind of trips,...)
  • An intercept survey at airports that helps understand passenger behavior at a specific airport and how each airport differs from the others in terms of segment mix.

Having an industry-wide definition of shopper segments

The aim of this unique project is to have one common definition of airport shopper segments across the industry. We employ state-of-the-art methodologies such as MaxDiff (trade-off) questions to fully understand the benefits that each shopper segment requires and make it possible to group shoppers in accordance to their needs, traveling patterns and socio-demographic characteristics.

The key outcomes of the first phase will be presented at the TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes and at the MEDFA Conference in Dubai in 2012. Subscriptions for the second outcome phase (quantification at airports) will be open from October 2012.

forecasting models

M1nd-set experts master state-of-the-art methods such as agent-based modeling that allow for modeling and forecasting complex and non-linear business outcomes.

In partnership with Virtual m1nds, our sister company, m1nd-set has developed AirVM, a model that replicates the decision making process (which airline am I going to fly with, on which itinerary, in which class of service and for what price?) of millions of passengers from a virtual perspective. This permits decision makers to perform “what if” scenarios offering an accuracy rarely matched in market research.

efficient computer models

Some of the research techniques that we propose, like the asymmetry of satisfaction, the links between employee and customer satisfaction, MaxDiff segmentations or Choice based surveys can be turned into a computer model (simulation), which allows marketers to play with different scenarios and estimate the impact of future strategic actions of key metrics, such as sales volume, overall customer satisfaction, ...

asymmetry of consumer satisfaction

One of the most efficient means of understanding what drives consumer satisfaction!

Based on the research done by Prof. Daniel Ray of the University of Grenoble, the asymmetry of satisfaction is a powerful tool to categorize and set hierarchies on satisfaction attributes. At m1nd-set, we are at the forefront of this innovative research technique and can offer to implement it either on existing or new satisfaction programs.

Researchers know well how to find the importance of attributes by using traditional statistical techniques such as correlations, multiple regressions models, … Unfortunately these methods give limited actionable outputs because they all assume satisfaction is linear.

This is rarely the case. Some attributes have a big impact as long as they haven’t reached a minimum level and almost no impact afterwards. In fact, it is critical to distinguish the impact of an attribute on overall satisfaction from its impact on overall dissatisfaction.

Using the Asymmetry method will help you:

  • Understand the real drivers of satisfaction
  • Set clear priorities in order to increase satisfaction
  • Improve the ROI of actions taken on satisfaction measurements
  • Set clear and achievable satisfaction targets
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employee bonding program

m1nd-set´s Employee Bonding Program is dissimilar to most conventional research and consulting services. We help companies drive true organic growth - revenue and profitability from continuing operations by focusing on the heart of success – the employees.

m1nd-set´s research has shown a strong correlation between two key success factors of an organization: employee and customer engagement. Our employee bonding program provides organizations with the means to reduce the variance in performance across organizational units.

Happy and profitable employees

Many studies have shown that engaged employees are more productive employees. m1nd-set research also proved and measured that engaged employees are more profitable, more customer-focused, more dependable and less likely to seek other professional opportunities.

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travelers database

m1nd-set interviews more than 50,000 passengers per year in 30 major airports around the globe.

About half of these travelers say they would like to participate in other research projects and enter m1nd-set's travelers panel, which is now one of the most comprehensive of the industry with the following key figures:

  • 40,000 travelers, rising every month
  • 100% recruited face-to-face at airport gates
  • 1/3 premium travelers (First & Business class)
  • From the main regions of the world (Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America)
  • A high proportion of frequent and high revenue travelers

Our ongoing recruitment panel is refreshed every month and reveals high quality outcomes and higher than average response rates.

Monthly travel retail insights

Every month m1nd-set brings customers and subscribers a wealth of knowledge in brief but relevant bulletins called “m1nd-ful”. This complimentary service enables our customers and other industry members who subscribe to discover unique and revealing insights about customer behaviour in duty free and travel retail from a wide variety of angles.

Whether market or category specific or based on themes such as technology use, low cost airline passengers or the importance of sense of place in travel retail, the four part bulletins are a highly useful and acclaimed tool to the vast number of companies who are subscribed.

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