M1nd-set is a mid-sized market research agency operating globally from its corporate headquarters located on the Swiss Riviera in Vevey, Switzerland. We are specialists in multi-country market research and consulting services.

Our team of experts excels in the following areas:

  • Overcoming complex challenges
  • Coordinating data-collection in several countries simultaneously in all regions of the world
  • Understanding and taking into account cultural and operational nuances that exist from country to country
  • Complex reporting (e.g. 40 country reports + 5 regional reports + 1 global summary of research findings) and research outcome distribution throughout large organizations
  • Being at the forefront of statistic and analytic techniques

We provide superior market research and consulting services. Each of our projects is led by a multi-lingual senior researcher benefiting from a minimum of 10 years international research experience.

Type of research services

m1nd-set’s expertise lies in multi-country research and specific sectors of activity. In terms of research techniques we master both qualitative and quantitative research and have the necessary expertise and networks to have a global reach for each of these methods.


For multi-country and multi-market projects, finding the best solutions to collect data, understanding the challenges of cultural differences, using the right analytical tools and summarizing the enormous amount of information in a way that suits all stake holders (whether it be local, regional or global level) can be puzzling.

Simplifying complexity is never… simple!

m1nd-set seasoned researchers have been helping organizations do just this for more than 15 years. By joining forces with them you will experience first-hand advice and expertise that far exceeds normal expectations from a researcher. We offer these types of consulting services at any stage of a project, whether we conducted it ourselves or not.


m1nd-set is the official research partner for:

  • IATA www.iata.org
  • TFWA www.tfwa.com
  • DFNI www.dfnionline.com
  • APTRA www.aptra.asia
  • The Moodie Report www.moodiereport.com
  • MEDFA www.medfa.ae
  • our philosophy

    Provide the best possible solutions through an intellectually stimulating dialog with our clients and partners. Rely on our experience but continually strive to learn about new innovate methods to meet client needs.

    Quality, endorsement of the research outcomes by all users and client satisfaction come first at m1nd-set. Our reputation comes from going the extra mile to deliver beyond clients’ expectations. After realizing your first project you will know why m1nd-set stands apart from other agencies… (and how refreshing this is!).

    our clients

    Our privileged client list includes: Airlines (17 and counting), Aircraft manufacturers, Duty Free goods businesses, Airport retailers, Airports, Travel agencies, GDS providers, Watch manufacturers, Insurances, Banks and an array of airport advertising companies….

    Client testimonials

    “Lindt & Sprüngli decided to work with m1nd-set in 2014 due to the company’s extensive knowledge and experience in the Travel Retail. We have been very happy with the results of our research work and the insights generated.”

    Miriam Richter, Marketing Manager, Overseas markets, Lindt & Sprüngli.

    “m1nd-set has excellent insights in travel retail, which we have found to be meaningful support for some of our key projects in the region.”

    Amy Chan, Strategy and Development Director – Asia, LS Travel Retail

    “We want to be close to our consumers, everywhere and every day throughout the world... With its deep knowledge about the global travel markets, Peter Mohn with his “m1nd-set” – Team is the right partner for us to strongly develop our world leading NIVEA brand in conjunction with our Travel Retail partners!”

    Sigmar Werz, Corporate Director, Beiersdorf AG, Global Business Unit, NIVEA Travel Retail

    “…We are attaching great importance to market intelligence and shopper insights… m1ndset is the right partner for us, not only because of the extensive experience with other brands, credentials across categories – the agency also has the finger on the pulse, understands the challenges of the industry...”

    Leen Baeten, Senior Manager Marketing & Business Development, Global Travel Retail, Godiva.

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