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  • June 2022

    Research partnership between NTRG and m1nd-set

    The annual Nordic Travel Retail Seminar took place on 8 June in Stockholm. Peter Mohn of m1nd-set provided delegates with details of a new collaboration between NTRG and the research agency. Until 2025 NTRG members will receive quarterly updates on consumer behaviour in the airport and ferry categories.

    • June 2022

      m1nd-set health & well-being study to support Rituals new book launch

      Rituals Cosmetics has unveiled its first book: The Book of Rituals, focusing on the spiritual benefits of wellbeing. The initiative is supported by m1nd-set ‘s research stating that a significant majority of travellers are more concerned than they were before the pandemic about both their mental health (73%) and physical wellbeing (87%).

    • June 2022

      m1nd-set sustainability study to support new Ritter Sport activation

      Ritter Sport has launched a month-long Colourful World of Chocolate activation which focuses on sustainability and taste. Integrated digital screens promote Ritter Sport’s steps towards carbon neutrality, highlighted by m1nd-set sustainability study, which found that carbon neutrality is one of the main brand advocacy drivers for travelers.

    • June 2022

      Global air traffic rankings reveal new order among top airports

      m1nd-set has released a global traffic analysis which looks at how traffic has evolved between the first quarter of 2019 to Q1 2022. The traffic analysis looks at the international departures for airports, airlines and nationalities, as well as how traffic between regions and intraregional traffic has evolved.

    • May 2022

      Health & wellbeing research highlights the potential for the wellness sector in Travel Retail

      The research by m1nd-set tracks the growth of the wellness sector across key markets over the past 2 years and underlines the context for the travel retail industry with insights on the global consumer mindset on both physical and mental health while travelling internationally.

    • May 2022

      How to win over … beauty consumers in a rebounding travel retail market

      Insightful article about the potential of the Beauty category in Asia Pacific including latest m1nd-set research and comments from Anna Marchesini, Head of Business Development at m1nd-set.

    • May 2022

      TR Consumer Forum 2022 in Cyprus – register!

      TR Business and m1nd-set are delighted to announce that registration for the 2022 edition of the highly acclaimed Travel Retail Consumer Forum is now open. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

    • May 2022

      TFWA Asia Pacific – m1nd-set “sustainable futures”

      m1nd-set contributed to the “Sustainable futures” session at TFWA AsPac about communicating brand sustainability and the impact of sustainable products on self-health and wellbeing.

    • May 2022

      Asia Pacific Travel Retail Awards finalists revealed

      TRBusiness and Swiss travel retail research agency m1nd-set are delighted to announce the finalists for the 2022 Asia Pacific Travel Retail Awards; the second regional edition of the consumer-voted awards.

    • April 2022

      Air traffic update – Central America and Caribbean

      m1nd-set’s Business 1ntelligence Service (b1s) provides air traffic update for Central American & Caribbean. Some of the top countries have clawed back at least 50% of capacity vs 2019. Marchesini says, “footfall and  conversation rates all strongly increased in 2021, especially driven by Q4 behavior, showing a renewed enthusiasm for the DF channel”. Teaser from Anna >>

    • April 2022

      Wine, Spirits & Beer: m1nd-set insights

      According to m1nd-set, footfall for the alcohol category has significantly increased compared with pre-Covid levels and reached a peak in Q4 2021. COO Clara Susset shares insights exclusively with TRBusiness. Teaser from Clara >>

    • April 2022

      m1nd-set’s sustainability insights to support ARI campaign “Little Changes, Big Difference”

      Travel retailer Aer Rianta International highlighted recent consumer insights from m1nd-set on the importance of sustainability in travel retail which indicate that shoppers are increasingly concerned about sustainable living since the pandemic.

    • April 2022

      m1nd-set’s data mining hub B1S widens reach to all travel retail sectors

      m1nd-set has announced a series of upgrades and refinements to its Business 1ntelligence Service (B1S). Since 2016, the B1S has collated more than 150,000 F2F interviews with travelling shoppers around the world. Now, the service has widen its scope and expend its research topics.

    • April 2022

      DFNI x m1nd-set latest Cruise Duty Free Shopping Insights revealed

      DFNI and m1nd-set’s latest Cruise Duty Free Shopping Monthly Insights estimates that the cruise industry’s sales revenues will hit US$49bn this year across a global fleet of 449 ships. And it reports that when it comes to what drives purchase, retail staff are the most important element.

    • April 2022

      IAADFS – Summit of the Americas 2022 – m1nd-set consumer insights on cruise and airport retail

      At the 2022 Summit of the Americas, m1nd-set presented insights on the cruise channel section hosted by DFNI, and co-hosted together with TRBusiness a special Americas edition of the TR Consumer Forum.

    • April 2022

      m1nd-set compares shopping behavior of North American travellers onboard a cruise ship as opposed to at airports

      The beauty of the cruise-retail environment lies in the time available for travelers to browse, try products and get personalized advice from sales staff, allowing more opportunities for conversion, finds the latest research by m1nd-set. Article teaser from Anna ->

    • April 2022

      m1nd-set and TRBusiness to support TFWA Asia Pacific Live networking event

      m1nd-set and TRBusiness are supporting the event, by co-hosting a 90-minute Sustainable futures workshop (14:00 – 15:30 SGT) as part of the conference schedule on day two (Wednesday 11 May).

    • March 2022

      m1nd-set identifies 5 customer segments in travel retail post pandemic

      m1nd-set has identified substantial changes characterising the purchasing behaviours of shoppers post pandemic. The modelling uses 5 customer segment families to characterise shopping behavior: ‘Local Touch Seekers’, ‘Emotional Brand Image Seekers’, Price Sensitive Shopping Lovers’, ‘Rational Pre-Planners’ and ‘Low Income Buyers’.

    • March 2022

      m1nd-set’s contribution to MEADFA webinar: the future travel retail supply chain

      The first MEADFA webinar of the year looked at the challenges for the supply chain and how travel retail is taking shape in the Middle East and Africa region. m1nd-set offered a deep-dive into the habits of the travel retail shopper in the Middle East and Africa at the start of the session.

    • March 2022

      NTRG forges strategic partnership with m1nd-set

      The Nordic Travel Retail Group (NTRG) is delighted to announce it has signed a strategic four-year partnership for shopper insights with leading travel and travel retail research agency m1nd-set.

    • January 2022

      Latest m1nd-set Hainan research highlights potential high growth areas

      m1nd-set released an updated edition of its highly coveted Hainan market focus research, published mid-2021, which focuses more specifically on the Beauty and Alcohol categories.

    • January 2022

      TR Consumer Forum – Americas Special

      At this year’s Summit of the Americas, TRBusiness and m1nd-set will deliver a regional special edition of the hugely successful TR Consumer Forum.

    • January 2022

      m1nd-set marks 15th anniversary with new corporate identity

      The industry leader in travel and travel retail research, m1nd-set, celebrates its fifteenth anniversary in 2022 and to mark the occasion, it has revamped its corporate identity, with a new logo and redesigned website.

    • December 2021

      Pandemic impact on gifting in travel retail varies across regions and categories

      The latest pandemic impact research on travel retail shopper behaviour from m1nd-set provides a five-year analysis (2017 – 2021) of how the share of gift purchases has changed, globally, by world region, and across all categories.

    • November 2021

      Post-pandemic research underscores need for bespoke region-specific approach to customer

      m1nd-set’s second regional analysis on post-Covid shopper behaviour reveals several stark variations in shopper behaviour. The research unveils how international travellers from Europe and the Americas are influenced to purchase in duty free.

    • November 2021

      DFNI and m1nd-set join forces in exclusive Cruise & Ferry Insights Partnership

      DFNI and m1nd-set will present exclusive research at upcoming industry events including the Summit of the Americas in Palm Beach, Florida and the DFNI Cruise Conference 2022 in Barcelona

    • November 2021

      m1nd-set Hainan series: Top 5 reasons shoppers choose Hainan DF shops

      ‘Relevant, reliable and reputable’ this monthly executive digest offers invaluable need-to-know data and research on what has been described as a modern-day ‘duty free paradise. For more information on m1nd-set, contact: amarchesini@m1nd-set.com

    • November 2021

      Real step change’ in wines & spirits recovery expected in Americas first – 1nSpirit

      At last week’s TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes, IWSR and Clara m1nd-set provided a comprehensive update on the evolution of the beverage alcohol business in global travel retail, powered by the companies’ joint venture data and research tool, 1nSpirit.

    • October 2021

      Healthy revival among Asia Pacific and Middle East shoppers

      The latest consumer research from m1nd-set unveils how Covid has impacted the way Asia Pacific and MEA travellers shop and are influenced to purchase in duty free. The report also reveals category purchasing, average spend and path to purchase.

    • October 2021

      m1nd-set launches ‘Monthly Hainan Insights’ exclusive to TRBusiness

      We are delighted to announce the new m1nd-set ‘Monthly Hainan Insights’ series: ‘Relevant, reliable and reputable’ this monthly executive digest offers invaluable need-to-know data and research on what has been described as a modern-day ‘duty free paradise’.

    • September 2021

      TR Consumer Forum: Praise continues to flood in

      The Travel Retail industry has hailed the return of in-person business networking after the Travel Retail Consumer Forum, co-organized by m1nd-set and TRBusiness ignited the first successful industry event of its scale for almost two years.

    • September 2021

      m1nd-set exclusive 2021 cruise research – DFNI Cruise Conference

      m1nd-set’s Head of Business Development Anna Marchesini shared insights on the new generation of cruise travellers, looking at changes vs pre-Covid shopping behavior and expectations on-board.

    • September 2021

      Time for change: consumer demand drives conscientious and responsible luxury retail

      Covid has fundamentally changed the way luxury shoppers behave: the latest consumer research from m1nd-set explores how these changes are impacting the luxury retail sector today and how TR will need to adapt new consumer expectations.

    • September 2021

      Forum: 150-plus delegates to gather in London

      In excess of 150 travel retail executives will descend on London, UK next week to enjoy a raft of exclusive consumer insights courtesy of the inaugural Travel Retail Consumer Forum (20-22 September), hosted by TRBusiness and m1nd-set.

    • September 2021

      TR Consumer Forum: Exclusive data as 1nSpirit workshop anticipation builds

      During the 1nSpirit workshop of the TRCF, IWSR and m1nd-set revealed the latest insights in travel retail for beverage alcohol, looking at channel performance in 2020 and future expectations. For more information about 1nSpirit please contact info@m1nd-set.com.

    • August 2021

      m1nd-set research unveils Hainan potential and opportunities

      m1nd-set research conducted over recent weeks among Chinese consumers, who have travelled to/from Hainan, provides a long-term picture with projected traffic growth and analyses both the travelling and shopping behaviour of domestic Chinese tourists who have visited Hainan.

    • September 2021

      A new focus for jewellery and watch shoppers in travel retail

      Covid-19 appears to have concentrated the minds of jewellery & watch shoppers who are now visiting stores less, but buying more often, according to insights from m1nd-set. This group of shoppers has also risen in popularity after the pandemic.

    • August 2021

      m1nd-set Spirits & Tobacco Report: key takeaways

      Americas Duty Free & Travel Retailing Magazine connected with Peter Mohn, Owner & CEO at m1nd-set, for an update on Spirits & Tobacco shoppers in TR, featuring shopper insights research based on face-to-face and online recruitment from around the world.

    • August 2021

      EXCLUSIVE: Top 10 Airports claw back ground after 2020 fallout for DF&TR

      Read m1nd-set’s insights on international departures and shopping behavior for the globe’s top 10 airports of Duty Free & Travel Retail sales pre-pandemic (2019), available on TRBusiness’ annual report in the July / Augusr e-zine.

    • August 2021

      Travel Retail Awards 2021

      TRBusiness and Swiss consumer research agency m1nd-set are delighted to announce the product categories and airports finalists and winners for the consumer-voted 2021 Global Travel Retail Awards.

    • July 2021

      Delhi and Incheon Airports top list for AsPac departures in first quarter 2021

      DEL Airport took the highest share of international departures air PAX among Asia Pacific’s airports in Q1 2021, according to a ranking of the region’s top 20 airports by m1nd-set. The research contains also shopping behavior insights for AsPac.

    • June 2021

      Post-pandemic megatrends unearthed in latest m1nd-set research

      m1nd-set research explains some mega trends emerging after the pandemic, among which tracking of human behaviour both physical and online, more targeting technology leading to greater personalisation, increase in contactless shopping experiences and greater focus on sustainability.

    • June 2021

      ETRC Q2 recovery monitor highlights the importance of consumer communications

      European travellers are paying significantly greater attention to marketing messages and brand communications according to the latest insights from the second quarterly recovery monitor published for the European Travel Retail Confederation (ETRC) by Swiss research agency m1nd-set.


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