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  • February 2024

    The Incredible Indian Opportunity

    In this month’s edition of m1nd-ful, entitled “The Incredible Indian Opportunity”, we start by looking at the current and future travel trends among Indians to unveil the significant opportunities the outbound Indian travel market presents. The research also reveals the various unique traits among Indian travellers and shoppers, to provide a deep understanding of their current shopping behaviour and preferences. We also look at where and how Indian consumers seek their information about shopping and what the key influencing elements are that encourage and entice Indian consumers to purchase.


    We hope you find it insightful!

  • January 2024

    What to expect from Chinese travellers in 2024

    In this month’s edition of m1nd-ful, entitled “What to expect from Chinese travellers in 2024”, we look at the ten key topics about Chinese traveller and shopper behaviour. Drawing on findings from a major syndicated research study of Chinese travellers, based on interviews conducted in the latter part of 2023 with more than 3000 Chinese nationals planning to travel in 2024, we summarise some of the key findings, grouping together the data for Chinese international travellers to destinations both outside and within Asia. The full syndicated research on the other hand breaks down and details the findings for Chinese international travellers to destinations both outside and within Asia separately to demonstrate the differences in shopper behaviour within both outbound travel regions. The full report also provides detailed analysis of shopper behaviour to the highly frequented domestic Duty Free destination Hainan, along with many other aspects of outbound Chinese shopper behaviour, including detailed spend per category and even by brand.
    The summarised findings we look at here include the socio demographics of future outbound travellers from China, preferred destinations, trip
    characteristics and purpose, trip type, Chinese New Year travel plans, category planning, expectations about the forthcoming Duty-Free shopping experience, trip research behaviour and shopping research behaviour.

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  • December 2023

    What’s changed? Pre- to post-Covid shopping behaviour analysis

    In this month’s edition of m1nd-ful, entitled “What’s changed? Pre- to post-Covid shopping behaviour analysis”, we look at how shopping trends and behaviour in travel retail have evolved from the pre-Covid era in 2019 to how travellers and shoppers are now behaving in 2023. We focus on the major differences across the two periods in terms of socio demographics, as well as shopping motivation, with a focus on both divers to visit and purchase, evolutions in the categories purchased as well as spend levels per category. The analysis also looks at the growing importance of travel retail exclusives and novelties. We begin with an analysis of the major factors that have shifted shopper behaviour in general from pre- to post-Covid.

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  • November 2023

    Kid power – the influence of children on shopping behaviour in travel retail

    In this month’s edition of m1nd-ful, entitled “Kid power : the influence of children on shopping behaviour in travel retail”, we reveal the influence that children have on their parents when travelling and shopping. The difference in footfall, conversion, the category selection and average spend when travellers are accompanied by their children are some of the aspects the research focuses on.


    The importance of understanding this younger generation is not for future planning purposes; it’s for now. These younger consumers do not yet have as much purchasing power as those already in employment. As we will discover, however, we must not underestimate the importance of understanding where and how they source their information about shopping, which they then pass on to their parents.


    The analysis in the research compares the shopping behaviour of consumers travelling with children to those travelling without. It does not mean that those travelling without do not have children, only that they were not travelling with children on their last trip.


    We hope you find it insightful!

  • October 2023

    Vision 2024 – Top 5 Airport Analysis

    In this month’s edition of m1nd-ful, entitled “Vision 2024 – Top 5 Airport Analysis”, we analyse the international traffic forecasts at the world’s leading airports for international arrivals in 2024, to understand the major source markets for the top five international airports in terms of in-bound passenger numbers. In order to provide a deeper understanding of the profile of international travellers and foreign visitors to each market, the analysis excludes traffic from the home country, as these inevitably represent the largest share of arriving passengers. We also deep-dive into the specific shopper behaviour at each of these five leading airports. The analysis is compiled with data from m1nd-set’s subscription-based Business 1ntelligence Service (B1S) with the traffic and forecast information sourced through its partnership with IATA, from the airline association’s comprehensive DDS database.


    We hope you find it insightful!

  • September 2023

    Smooth sailing for Cruise Retail

    In this month’s edition of m1nd-ful, entitled “Smooth sailing for Cruise Retail”, we explore the dynamic and promising Cruise retail market, focusing on the growth potential in the coming years and the specific shopper behaviour within this unique and captive retail sector.


    We hope you find it insightful!

  • August 2023

    Middle East & Africa travel and shopping trends

    The third region-specific focus, after Latin America and Europe, takes us to Africa and the Middle East, where travel and tourism is experiencing a robust revival. In this month’s edition of m1nd-ful, entitled “Middle East & Africa travel and shopping trends”, we will look at how international travel to and from the region has evolved in recent years as well as the latest shopping behaviour trends among African and Middle Eastern travellers.


    We hope you find it insightful!

  • July 2023

    Europe’s revival

    In this second region-specific focus, we travel from Latin America, the focus of the June m1nd-ful newsletter, to Europe, home of m1nd-set, and circa 750 million consumers. But how many will plan to travel this year? With the European summer upon us and schools around the continent breaking up for the main annual vacation, Europe’s major tourism destinations will be looking forward to a flood of inbound passengers from across Europe – and beyond of course, while European airports will be bracing themselves for a healthy summer of outbound departures and international arrivals.

    In this month’s edition of m1nd-ful, entitled Europe’s revival, we will look at how air traffic across the region is recovering, exploring the major destinations, as well as shopper behaviour among European travellers when travelling internationally.


    We hope you find it insightful!

  • June 2023

    The new Latin American shopper

    We will explore the evolution of air traffic and the forecast for the next two years, the latest traveller trends, looking at the demographics and travel purpose, as well as the importance of shopping for the ‘new Latin American traveller’. We also study shopper behaviour, analysing the shopper demographics and segment composition and focusing on the categories, purchase drivers, in store behaviour and of course why non-shoppers refrain from purchasing.


    We hope you find it insightful!

  • May 2023

    The gift giving gear shift

    In this month’s edition of m1nd-ful, entitled The gift-giving gear shift we look at how purchase destinations have evolved in travel retail from the pre- to the post-pandemic period. We will demonstrate how this change has evolved across specific segments and how it impacts certain categories and purchase planning behaviour. We also consider how gift shopping in general has evolved since the pandemic, highlighting some major tendencies among consumers, and how the industry should adapt accordingly and take these trends into consideration when engaging with the travelling consumer.


    We hope you find it insightful!

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