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  • December 2021

    Magic moments

    In this last edition of m1nd-ful for 2021, entitled Magic moments, we look at how the global Covid pandemic has impacted the international traveller’s tendency to purchase products in duty free shops specifically for gifting. The five-year analysis, from 2017 to 2021, looks at how the share of gift purchases has changed, both globally and by world region, as well as across categories. We also look at how the importance of sales staff in influencing the gift purchase has evolved between 2017 and 2021, as well as other aspects of shopper behaviour such as purchase planning, the impact of touch points and role of gifting for new, first-time purchases in duty free and of course travel retail exclusives purchasing behaviour.

    We hope you find it insightful!

  • November 2021

    Why they buy and what they buy (part 2)

    In this month’s edition of m1nd-ful, we continue our regional analysis to reveal how international travellers from Europe and the Americas regions are influenced when shopping in the travel retail environment. The analysis, which follows the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa regional focus in last month’s newsletter, will demonstrate the key shopping influencers for international travellers from Europe and the Americas, focusing in particular on the key differences and variations in shopping behaviour between travellers from each region.

    Among the influencing factors analysed, we show the impact of sales staff and digital touch points, among other factors. The research also reveals which categories they visited and purchased and how promotions in duty free impacted their intent to buy. It’s important to note that the research refers to international travellers exclusively across both the Americas and Europe, and within Europe travel retail behaviour refers to both duty free and duty paid shopping.

    We hope you find it insightful!

  • October 2021

    Why they buy and what they buy (part 1)

    In this and next month’s edition of m1nd-ful, entitled Why they buy and what they buy, we share how the shopper psyche in the post-pandemic environment varies from region to region. The research illustrates not only the numerous factors that influence shoppers to make the purchase but also what they purchased and for which purpose. In this October edition, we study the shopper behaviour in travel retail among travellers from the Middle East and Africa (MEA) as well as across the Asia Pacific region. Next month we will study how travellers from Europe and the Americas are being influenced to purchase as well as their purchase behaviour. The analysis covers all influencing factors as well as the categories purchased and share of wallet among other criteria.

    We hope you find it insightful!

  • September 2021

    New dynamics in post-Covid luxury

    In this edition of m1nd-ful, entitled New dynamics in post-Covid luxury retail, we reveal how the global luxury retail industry has called time; time for change. Luxury retailers and travel and tourism operators have responded to the seismic shift in consumer mindset, to adapt their product and service offering to the more socially and environmentally conscious consumer. Companies across all sectors and categories in luxury retail are fundamentally changing the way they source, manufacture and package product or reposition their products and services.

    We explore how these changes are impacting the luxury retail sector today and how travel retail will need to adapt to stay in line with consumer expectations. We also look into the latest consumer trends and luxury shopping behaviour in travel retail and how post-pandemic luxury goods shoppers have changed their behaviour when travelling and shopping.

    We hope you find it insightful!

  • August 2021

    The Hainan Opportunity

    In this edition of m1nd-ful, entitled THE HAINAN OPPORTUNITY we take a deep dive into the massive opportunity that China’s Duty Free shopping haven of Hainan presents to the brands across the global travel retail sector. A summary of the findings of the study will also be presented at the inaugural Travel Retail Consumer Forum, taking place next month on 20-22 September at the Hilton London Paddington Hotel, organised by both TRBusiness and m1nd-set.

    With analysis of both travelling and shopping behaviour as well as traffic to Hainan, the research details behaviour and attitudes at all stages of the journey, from the planning stage, looking at the expectations of the Chinese shopper travelling to Hainan, as well as why and with whom they travel, to the shopping experience instore, with detailed analysis across all categories.

    We hope you find it insightful!

  • July 2021

    Consumer centricity in post-Covid travel retail

    In this edition of m1nd-ful, entitled Consumer centricity in post-Covid travel retail we look at a series of key behavioural traits among shoppers in the travel retail environment and, more importantly, how consumers are changing this behaviour following the Covid pandemic. The key aspects studied here will be developed in greater depth during the inaugural Travel Retail Consumer Forum, co-organised by m1nd-set alongside leading travel retail media TRBusiness.

    During the two-day conference, m1nd-set will share the stage with industry leaders from all sectors to discuss the findings, brainstorm together and table solutions to remain consumer-centric in the post-Covid travel retail context. The topics discussed there during the conference and here in this month’s newsletter include consumer touch points and e-commerce, sustainability health and well-being, in-store shopping drivers and store design, luxury spending, a regional focus looking at China and Hainan’s specifically with additional insights on the current domestic tourism trends, as well as two category sessions: the wines and spirits sector and beauty category.

    We hope you find it insightful!

  • June 2021

    Transformative trends in travel retail

    In this edition of m1nd-ful, entitled Transformative trends in travel retail we look at how the global pandemic has shaken up the travel retail industry with the emergence of new consumer behaviour. The shift in shopping behaviour as a result of Covid is not to be underestimated. As with many sectors, the global pandemic has generated new consumer mind-sets, different expectations and changes in consumer concerns.

    m1nd-set studies how these new trends and tendencies vary from region to region, nationality by nationality and across all consumer segments. For the purpose of this newsletter here we look at the consolidated global picture which gives a representative perspective on how these trends will affect the travel retail sector in the foreseeable future.

    We hope you find it insightful!

  • May 2021

    The evolution of travel retail shopper behaviour: 5 year trends

    In this edition of m1nd-ful, we look at the evolution of shopping trends over recent years. The analysis starts from the pre-Covid era when travel trends and travel retail sales were seeing healthy and consistent growth year after a year – and continues through to the present day, at a time when traffic and sales have gone through the floor and hopes of recovery in recent months have been dashed by further outbreaks of the Covid pandemic across many world regions. We look at how footfall and conversion rates have evolved, changes in the categories purchased, as well as the evolution and variations over the years in why people purchase in travel retail, what triggered the purchase and some of the barriers to purchase.

    We hope you find it insightful!

  • April 2021

    Conscientious consumption

    In any crisis there are always winners and losers. One clear winner from the last 12 months of global lockdowns and travel restrictions is the environment. Consumers are increasingly discerning about social and environmental concerns when shopping for goods and services and this behaviour is evident also when travelling. Socially and environmentally responsible consumption has been a consistently growing trend for some time already; our research demonstrates that this has accelerated since, perhaps even because of, the global pandemic.

    In this edition of m1nd-ful, we look at the evolution of shopping trends since the Covid pandemic outbreak. The research assesses the importance of sustainability when shopping, the impact of sustainable attributes on the likelihood to purchase, consumers’ propensity to spend more for sustainable purchases and consumers’ understanding of the circular economy.

    We hope you find it insightful!

  • March 2021

    From vaccine to voyage

    With the global travel sector decimated by the Covid19 pandemic, travel intentions and the desire to travel have fallen through the floor. Easing of restrictions followed by new outbreaks have meant highs and lows in travel demand as never before experienced. The arrival of the vaccine and various government announcements of a loosening of restrictions and the possibility of international travel in 2021 has once again sent travel demand on a determined upward trajectory. Despite reports of surges in travel bookings in the coming months in some markets though, the pandemic has had a definite dampening effect on consumers’ desire to travel across all regions.

    In edition of m1nd-ful, we look at the how perceptions and attitudes have evolved over recent months, as a result of travel bans, quarantines and the impact of the global health crisis on shopping and spending habits in travel retail. We also look at how the arrival of the vaccine will instigate change in the willingness to travel and alter post-Covid travel and shopping behaviour.

    We hope you find it insightful!

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