B1S (Business 1ntelligence Service)

B1S is a powerful tool which allows travel retail organizations to put insights at the centre of their decision-making, providing a comprehensive view of the industry through air traffic and behavioural data.

The tool’s interactivity and user-friendliness make it easier than ever to share insights at all levels of the organization: from executive summaries for senior management, to detailed drill-downs for marketing and research specialists.

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  • Interactive Datamining Platform

    Interactive Datamining Platform

    • Accessible 24/7, user-friendly interface, create charts and tables
    • Air traffic data
    • Shopping insights
  • Global Travel Retail Shopping Behavior Tracking since 2016

    Global Travel Retail Shopping Behavior Tracking since 2016

    • 25,000-30,000 airport-recruited interviews per year since 2016 and currently over 120.000 interviews
    • A unique set of accurate data with regards to: footfall, purchase and conversion rates, reasons for visiting and not-visiting, reasons for buying and not-buying, shopping basket, touch points, sales staff, profile, price comparison, online pre-ordering and many more
  • Air Traffic Forecasting

    Air Traffic Forecasting

    • The most comprehensive repository of airline sales and traffic data available
    • Unrivalled global coverage
    • Air traffic figures for top 1.500 airports – representing 98% of global traffic
    • Nationality data
    • Terminal breakdown for all major airports
    • 10 year forecasting on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis

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