Tailor-made Travel Retail Research

We conduct between 50-100 projects in the travel industry every year.

Our clients contact us with a wide variety of business enquiries, and we offer a full service, including:

  • Methodology definition
  • Questionnaire development
  • Translations, programming
  • Data collection (including very thorough quality checks processes)
  • Data processing, analysis and actionable recommendations
  • Reporting: static or dynamic (using online dashboards on Tableau or Dapresy)

We are regularly invited to facilitate workshops where we bring the insights from the research to life; ensuring an optimum ROI for our clients.

Examples of m1nd-set data collection methodologies

  • Face to face interviews airside at over 60 airports around the world
  • Online interviews with m1nd-set’s unique database currently consisting of over 700.000 international travelers from 100+ nationalities recruited at airport departure gates
  • Focus groups with travellers in over 100 cities
  • In-depth interviews at over 60 airports with insights specialists
  • Shopper observations inside the travel retail shops
  • Online and interactive focus groups with travellers
  • Segmentation of Travelers

    Segmentation of Travelers

    • Bespoke segmentation
    • Travel Retail’s first global cross-category segmentation 2012 – m1nd-set in partnership with TFWA – based on need states and attitudes towards TR shopping
  • Brand Equity Tracking

    Brand Equity Tracking

    • Multiple regression analysis
    • Brand image & market impact scores
    • Degree of association vs Degree of differentiation
  • Consumer Listening

    Consumer Listening

    • Online qualitative research platform
    • Social media listening
  • Touch Points Analysis

    Touch Points Analysis

    • M1OM = M1nd-set’s 1nvestment Optimization Model
    • Measurement of Touch Points frequency and decision influence throughout the shopper journey (Jaccard analysis)
  • Virtual Reality Solutions

    Virtual Reality Solutions

    • Interactive virtual reality environments integrated into the survey programming
  • Mystery Shopping

    Mystery Shopping

    • In-store observations
    • Customer service assesment
    • In-store assortment and pricing audit
  • Choice-Modelling & Analysis of Preferences

    Choice-Modelling & Analysis of Preferences

    • Max-diff
    • Conjoint analysis
    • Turf analysis
  • Behavioral Tracking

    Behavioral Tracking

    • Shopper behavior tracking in-store
    • Platform for online shopping tracking
    • Predictive eye-tracking
    • Geotargeting for survey research
  • Qualitative Research Methods

    Qualitative Research Methods

    • In-depth interviews & focus groups

For more details about the above research topics please get in contact with m1nd-set: info@m1nd-set.com

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